Project Details

Top of Tower – IT Package

ATOM Solutions was tasked with the installation of IT system components and interlinking the controls of the various special components into one centralized Building Operations Control Centre.

The scope included:

  • Structured Cabling
  • Fibre optic splicing
  • Network setup
  • Server setup

Over all ATOM’s IT Team has been responsible for a whole range of IT tasks including: Software development, improvement and operation of the “Building Operation and Control Centre” (BOCC), providing 24/7 support for all subsystems, setting up as well as operation and maintenance of multimedia installations in the permanent exhibition.

A total of 20 IT rooms with IT equipment have been setup across the entire building and a network which is cross-linked from the building entrance on the ground floor to the crescent at a height of 600 meters has been installed. The core-network consists of over 50 IBM and Cisco enterprise class switches interconnecting all subsystems. The entire network consists of over 1000 nodes (switches, firewalls, servers…) and was setup using telecom class copper and fibre optic cables

ATOM’s IT team is equipped with state of the art equipment including testing equipment by FLUKE and FUJIKURA.


Skills Used

Testing & Commissioning
IT Installation
Software Development
Planning & Design