Project Details

Top of Tower – Astronomy & Lunar Levels

Under this project Atom was awarded the installation and setup of various components of:

  • the Multimedia Museum
  • the Luna Research Centre
  • the Astronomical observation deck
  • the Telescope

The tasks accomplished included the installation of audio/video systems for the conference room in the Lunar research center, the installation of large scale graphic and multimedia exhibits as well as suspended model exhibits of planets and other astronomical exhibits.

Atoms team successfully overcame all encountered challenges such as how to lift delicate high-tech custom build exhibits to the tower top with out causing any damages to the exhibits.

During the project implementation phase between 20 to 40 Atom employees were assign to the project.

After the project was successfully implemented ATOM secured the maintain and operate contract and currently has 3 staff dedicated to ensuring a smooth operation of all technical components on Astronomy Levels of the Tower Top.


Skills Used

Electrical installation
Software Development
Planning & Design