Project Details

Top of Tower – Media Walls

The media walls at the Mekkah Clock Tower are the largest media walls in the world and   have a total surface of 2,200 sq meters containing a total of 1,208,904 of LEDs and are connected via more than 12 kilometers of fibre optic cables. The operation and maintenance of the media walls is handled by a multidisiplinary team of ATOM’s IT specialists, electricians, technicians and engineers who are responsible for a whole host of tasks including:

  • Creating video content for media walls to alter existing calligraphies or create new calligraphies
  • Regular visual checks (exterior & Interior)
  • Cleaning of Media Wall display from inside and outside
  • Testing of fire detection system
  • Monitoring of data transmission
  • Continuous temperature monitoring of control platforms
  • Continuous checks of main power supply
  • Probing and testing of cables by use of infrared lighting
  • Replacing of LED sleeves
  • Replacing of LED modules
  • Replacing of Junction Boxes
  • Replacing of LDMs (Linear LED Driver Module)
  • Replacing of Distribution Boxes
  • Change of cable system
  • Replacing of Video Boxes
  • Exchanging/Repairing fire detection system
  • Changing Hinges at doors
  • Changing hydraulic motors of doors
  • Continuous reporting and proposal for improvements in cooperation with the manufacturer

Skills Used

IT Installation
Software Development