Project Details

Top of Tower – Laser Lights

ATOM was awarded the contract to install the worlds most powerful laser on the crescent on top of the Mekkah Clock Tower at a height of 600 meters. In oder to successfully install, operate and maintain such a sophisticated system ATOM engineers and technicians were specially trained by the german manufacturer Trumpf. The scope of this projects included:

  • Installation of the worlds most powerful lasers
  • Maintenace of the lasers
  • Operation of lasers

The laser consists of 4 beams, each with a performance of 400 watts and width of 3.7 cm. The beams are so strong that they reach beyond the earths atmosphere.

As part of the routine operation & maintenance ATOM technicians regularly check the lasers chilled water cooling system, clean tanks, check magnetic valves, check and replace the laser heads when necessary. Additionally main systems components such as fuses, ion filters, laser light cables are replaced in coordination with Trumpf.


Skills Used

Electrical installation
Software Development
Planning & Design