Project Details

Top of Tower – Facade & Event Lights

The top of the Mekkah Clock Tower has one of the most advanced building facade  lighting systems in the world which comprises of a combination of different lighting systems. The entire lighting system is designed to create special illumination scenarios which are used on a daily basis and on special occasions. The systems is made up of the following sub systems:

  • Beacon lights
    Total of 60 beacons installed across 4 levels each with custom made 7KW or 10KW xenon illuminants. The 10 KW beacons a world first and are only in use on the Mekkah Clock Tower
  • Flashlights
    21,000 green and white sparkling, software controlled lights enable the possibility of running various lighting scenario for special occasions.
  • Clock & Pediment LED system
    Contain 700,000 LED point with 4,122 LDM’s in a single network
  • External Lighting
    Consists of 1,702 luminaries with a total power connection of 81,200 KW power connection

The maintenance of this complex facade illumination is a task which requires a high-level of specialization. In addition to being specially trained to handle the different types of lighting equipment the technicians also have to be undergo special rope access training so that they can handle their tasks in the extreme situation of hanging on ropes or gondolas at heights of over 500 meters.

Routine tasks include checking luminaries for power supply, network connectivity and over all functionality and replacing defect luminaries where necessary. Further more regular cleaning of the outer protective surface to ensure maximum long-range visibility.


Skills Used

IT Installation
Software Support