Project Details

Haram Extension – Elevation Screens & Facade installation

The South Elevation Screens package is part of the Shamiya extension of the Haram in Mekkah. The scope of this package was to install fixed and computer controlled movable glass screens. For ATOM this project required:

  • Involvement in the final design process
  • Special training of engineers and technicians by the manufacturer
  • Training and certification of selected ATOM technicians as access-lift operators

The custom build elevation screens and façade elements are made of steel, aluminum and glass and were manufactured in Germany. ATOM engineers and technicians visited the factory to get detailed training on full size mock-ups and give their input on how the screens and façade components would actually be installed on site in Mekkah.

Inorder to successfully install the screens ATOM technicians were trained as machinery operators to operate man and material lifts.

Key facts of this project:

  • Total of 72 arched openings on 4 bridges
  • Fully sensor controller opening and closing of the motorized doors
  • Size of total glass surface: 12000 sqm

Skills Used

IT Installation
Software Support