Project Details

Haram Extension – Northbridge Facade

After having played a key role in the installation of the Mekkah Clock ATOM Solutions was awarded the operation and maintenance of the Mekkah Clock. The systems covered in this operate and maintain contract include:

  • The clock drive
  • The lightening protection system
  • The cesium clock
  • The clock control software

It is with great pride that ATOM’s mechanical team is responsible of the smooth and uninterupted daily operation and maintenance of the worlds largest clock. The Mekkah Clock has four faces which are each driven by a custom built clock drive. ATOM’s mechanical engineers and technicians are responsible for the routine and emergency repairs of the clock drive. This includes 24/7 monitoring of all systems components and scheduling routine maintenance. Further more the mechanical team in cooperation with our electricians are also responsible for the maintenance of the lightning protection system which comprises of fixed and retractable lightening protection rods.

To maintain time accuracy the four clock drives are controlled by a cesium clock which is the most accurate time device in the world. ATOM’s software engineers are responsible for the operation of the time server and maintaining a failsafe redundant network link between the clock drives and the cesium clock.


Skills Used

IT Installation
Software Support